Every retailer has a
sell-through story.
Yours is... just okay.

Despite your best efforts, sell-through this quarter hasn’t been hitting the mark, and it’s damaging your relationship with certain brands. Marketing materials were never received, product information misconstrued and your sales associates don’t seem to be that interested in… well, selling. Let’s take a look at how we got here.



Knowledge Delay

Three of your top brands have big launches this week to coordinate, while only 1 of them has responded to your voicemails. Then suddenly, you get an influx of customers requesting for your new product and with nowhere to purchase them...Uh oh. Your vendors’ delayed response is now your disaster to clean up.

With Myagi

Three of your brands have product launches this week, and you’re well prepared since they announced it through Myagi. Your top-selling brand already uploaded promotional and merchandising instructions to their channel, and your Myagi dashboard confirmed your managers all saw it. Your staff have been briefed and now know how to handle all eager customer inquiries.



Knowledge Blockage

A few weeks later, you get a phone call: it’s the training rep from your top brand. With so many accounts and such little time, your rep is unsure when they’ll be able to provide training for your staff next. Without that training, the info your associates need to sell is completely blocked, and it’s up to them and their Google search skills to fill that gap.

With Myagi

A few weeks later, you get a phone call: it’s the training rep from your top brand. They will be sending you up-to-date product details through Myagi. From their own phones, the staff in every one of your stores can learn how to sell & communicate the value of the product to your customers seamlessly with zero waiting time.



Knowledge Dilution

Since that knowledge blockage the other week, your team’s been on their own to decide how to sell the new products. Tribal knowledge takes the place of proper training, and soon enough the wrong information is spreading to the rest of your associates faster than you can control.

With Myagi

Since your people now have the right sales knowledge at their fingertips, this quarter has the best figures you’ve seen all year. Any time you notice on Myagi’s reporting dashboard that one of your stores is not accurate, you can collect feedback, upload your solution, and ensure that each salesperson is completing the lesson & meeting expectations. Want to scale that success to your other stores? Do it in just two clicks.



Knowledge Decay

With sales reps having limited time and not being able to offer training to locations and staff attendance for sessions being inconsistent… it’s no surprise that all the new products are selling poorly and you’re starting to sweat. Within weeks, virtually none of the right knowledge is retained and sales trajectory goes back to the usual downward slope. Too bad you don’t like skiing.

With Myagi

All the new products are selling like hot cakes, and you’re starting to feel relieved, but you know staff will forget what they’ve learned. Through Myagi you can make sure they keep up to date by remixing past lessons from you and your brands to keep it fresh, setting up discounts, running contests, and creating badges they can only earn when they hit milestones or complete quizzes.

So how does it work?

Curious if Myagi can walk the walk? Click here and learn about how Myagi solves your Knowledge Supply Chain pain… no doctor visits required!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Myagi?

    Myagi is the only Sell-through Optimization platform out there that works for both single and multi-brand retailers. Myagi’s superpower is to deliver your and your brands’ sales knowledge to your entire frontline workforce, and keep your entire Knowledge Supply Chain accountable and on the same page.

  • What is a Knowledge Supply Chain?

    The “Knowledge Supply Chain” is the path information takes to get from its start to end, across multiple companies and teams and people. If you’ve ever had issues with important knowledge not getting to the right place, not getting there in time, not being understood, or easily being forgotten, you probably have a broken Knowledge Supply Chain.

  • Is Myagi a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    We can be used as a very functional LMS, yes—but there’s so much more to us, too. We categorize Myagi as “Sell-through Optimization” software, which incorporates some of the core functions of an LMS to get the job done right.

  • How does it work?

    Say, we’ve got a page you should click on :) The short answer: Myagi gives you the tools to 1) create and/or deliver knowledge, 2) select which audience it goes to, 3) track when they open it and how well they understand & retain it, and 4) collaborate with your team and your vendor partners to improve it so that you can 5) ace that sales goal that’s keeping you up at night.

  • Who should use Myagi?

    If you’re a retailer that relies on an assisted sale (aka selling products via humans) or use a support team to help customers, you should use Myagi. We’re in over 90 countries around the globe and in dozens of industries like Software, Restaurants, Beauty, Sports & Outdoor, Alcohol, Health, Hospitality, and Cookies… cookies are their own industry, right?

  • How much does it cost?

    For most independent retailers, Myagi costs absolutely nothing! Hooray! You can get a free account from any of your vendors already using the platform. For larger retailers who want more control over your sales knowledge, you can contact us here to learn more.

  • How long does it take to get started?

    For brands it depends on your onboarding needs, but you can be sharing with your channels starting on day one. For most of your retailers, it takes less than 5 minutes to get training once you’ve sent them an invite.