Right Knowledge. Right People. Right Time.

Myagi is the only Channel Sales Enablement platform that lets you deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right time across multiple employees, teams, regions, and even other companies.

Combat the Knowledge Blockages, Delays, Dilution and Decay that are limiting your product sell-through with what we call the “Myagi Loop” (Deliverability, Visibility, Accountability and Collaboration, and back around again). The Myagi Loop is our sure-fire recipe to help you sell better together—see for yourself!



Let our Knowledge Supply Chain experts walk you through how to change your own sell-through story.


You have information that needs to go to places. Myagi is the medium for your knowledge to get to who and where you need to, with ease.


New information needs to be noticed. Myagi makes sure your knowledge is not only seen but consumed.


We know you have lofty goals. Myagi delivers results and data to keep your teams on track to achieve them.


We know partnerships aren’t easy. Myagi helps improve communication between partners and provides both parties tools for a more symbiotic relationship.


For Trade Marketers

Target and deliver key information and communication to the right place at the right time. A simple interface that allows you to upload content in minutes. Once delivered, keep track of engagement and get feedback on your content! Watch sell-through improve.


For Sales Reps

It’s now easier to maximize every training session. Engage sales staff with content they are actually interested in learning. Then, improve knowledge retention through follow up quizzes to ensure content stays fresh and top of mind.


For Retail Executives

Watch onboardings go from weeks to hours. Whether new, seasonal or full-time, keep staff up to date and trained much easier. With more education and job satisfaction, watch staff turnover decrease.


For Store Managers

No more worrying about getting new retail associates fully onboarded. With a single log-in, sales associates new or old can access the latest brand content and sell products with confidence and knowledgeable recommendations. Watch your team accomplish sales goals much easier!


For Sales Associates

No more dusty catalogues or boring sell-sheets. Get informed every time new content is available. Everything retail sales associates need to know about brands is available through a single app available through any mobile device. Watch sales skills improve with more education and better recommendations.