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About Myagi

In 2014, Simon Turner spent one too many times training a blank-staring audience, at retail stores that had several other trainers to hear from that day, and with half the staff than was promised. It’s easy to say it’s the sales associates’ fault for not paying attention… but he looked harder at the situation and realized the whole system of delivering crucial sales information was broken.

This began his quest for finding a way to manage what we now call the “Knowledge Supply Chain”, or the method by which knowledge gets from one place to another. Because of the way Channel Sales works, important information that’s supposed to make it from the supplier to their partners’ frontline sales teams never arrives, comes too late, is misunderstood, or is lost over a short time.

Myagi fixes all that by digitizing the knowledge transfer process entirely from start to finish, no matter what company or person it comes from, which creates stronger sales and better relationships with their channel partners.

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What It’s Like to Work at Myagi

Work Where You Want
Everyone at Myagi works remotely and we’ve been doing it for years. As long as you have a good internet connection and your timezone overlaps with clients and teammates, work where you want!

Trust and Autonomy
As a default, we trust Myagians to do their best work and believe that this autonomy leads to better results. You are the owner of your work with a supportive team in your corner.

People Who Truly Give A Sh*t
We are building a people-first culture of Myagians who truly care - care about each other, care about the business, care about their work, care about their community, and care for their own well-being and growth.

We’re proud of the team we’ve built (don’t take our word for it - check out reviews from Myagians).


Remote work and learning allowances
A home office allowance to get your workspace set up
Volunteer days
Generous PTO
Comprehensive health benefits
Paid parental leave

Our values

What We Value

One Team Wins

We believe teamwork is a craft and we strive to master it. We win as a team of teams. We win and we celebrate together. We lose and we learn together. Like we tell our customers, we work better together too.

Be Respectfully Noisy

Squeaky wheels get the grease, but it’s hard to be a squeaky wheel sometimes. We encourage everyone at Myagi to feel comfortable speaking up in a way that is considerate to both our teammates and our customers.

Everyone a Coach, everyone a player

Myagi has a coaching culture. It’s everyone’s job to help each other improve through deliberate feedback. Everyone has the responsibility to practice what they learn from their coaches at work. We invest in continually improving as a team.

Give a sh*t

Give a sh*t is means to take the initiative, solve problems that need solving, build a great company, and work with care and passion. Care for the company, each other, yourself, and our customers.

Our team

The amazing team behind Myagi

Amy Nguyen
Greg Morrison
Nirdosh Gautam
Vladislav Bakin
Miguel Van Den Oever
Joan Parto
Marija Becker
Karolin Toker
Sergey Lutkov
Austin Lee
Tolulope Olanrewaju
Azamat Iskakov
Seth Griffin
Julian Gonzalez
Sergey Kulikov
Crislyne Ramos
Rutchel Cadellino
Janine Stamm
Michael Reddick
Daniil Markov
Mushfiquah Quasem
Stan Dremov
Serena Pham
Diana Rogriguez
Michael Jones
Oli Swift
Wiktoria Jorren
Sam Parsons
Shannon Griffin
Davide Lucifora
Birger Dreher
Noël Eckhart
Erwan Berthou
Chris Cowles
Igor Trubnikov
Leith Donaldson
Simon Turner
Richard Smith
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