Build a network of brand advocates that drive sell-through and exceed customer expectations

Myagi is a retail sales enablement platform that helps brands and retailers deliver product knowledge at scale, boost sell-through and improve their customer experience.

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Sales Enablement

Build and scale a two-way connection between brands, retailers, and sales associates so you can all sell better together


Myagi helps  brands build a network of engaged frontline sales associates who sell more and deliver a great customer experience.


Myagi helps build the confidence and knowledge of your frontline sales associates, allowing them to deliver the trusted guidance customers are looking for while driving sell-through and increasing conversions.

Sales Associates

With Myagi you can access all your brand's training content directly on our mobile app. Getting you up to speed and customer ready in no time.

Sales Enablement

The Myagi difference

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For Brands

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For Retailers

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For Sales Associates

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Platform Features

Join the top brands and retailers on the Myagi network

Global network

Instantly connect with brands or retailers on the Myagi network.

Strategic enablement

Deliver strategically targeted content to enable your network. Myagi is built with flexibility in mind, allowing grouping by almost anything including regions, languages or even account manager locations.

Understand brand advocacy like never before

Real-time feedback from your retail supply chain about how they view your brand and products.

Increase in brand trust
More likely to recommend your brand

In-depth analytics and insights across your network

Track content performance and user engagement down to store level.

Retailer reporting
User engagement
Store activation
Content Performance

Don’t take our word for it See what our clients say

Gerard O’Mahony

Pedigree Wholesale

“With increasing demands and changing ways of working, getting the right information to the shopper is becoming increasingly more challenging. At Pedigree we want to support our customers in every way, this includes making sure they have access to the information they need when they need it. Partnering with Myagi allows us to get the right content, to the right people at the right time.

Gemma Dyer

Equip Uk

“Myagi allows us to deliver the right product knowledge to all our sales associates. Knowledge breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales”

Warren Halliwell


“We can look at the number of hours that our training content is being watched, and the equivalent of getting someone in the store doing this at face-to-face level, it’s massive. So we can actually sit back after 6 months and say, 2200 hours of content have been watched, and the entire time they are watching that they are fully engaged, we think that’s had a really positive impact on how the watches are being sold.”

Daniel Cooper


’Myagi really came along and offered us exactly what we needed. Something that was not just about educating our staff but educating our customers in a really clear and easy way...It was already being used by one of our biggest customers and it has really become the foundation for our training materials and as a way of reinforcing training online’’


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can other brands see my content?

No. Our unique network structure makes it simple for brands and retailers to connect but prevents brands from engaging with one another.

Can I invite my own retailers to the platform?

Yes! In fact we'll even help you do it, ensuring you get value from Myagi straight away.

What languages is Myagi available in?

All Major European & Asian Languages

Can I use Myagi alongside my existing LMS?

Yes, and we can set up a single-sign on integration

Can I customise the platform to my brand?

Yes, you can add your own logos and images.

Does Myagi offer additional support with content?

Yes, we offer professional services for editing, content creation, subtitles, voiceovers, SCORM conversion & more.

Does Myagi meet International data protection standards?

Yes. Contact us for further details.

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