5 Ways Retail Sales Enablement Platforms Will Change Retail Forever

Learn how retail sales enablement platforms help brands succeed

5 Ways Retail Sales Enablement Platforms Will Change Retail Forever

Brands have traditionally relied on face-to-face training as their go-to method for educating and enabling retail sales associates. However, as we will soon uncover, relying solely on this method has some serious limitations; it’s challenging to scale product training across different regions, brands cannot ensure consistency in product and brand messaging, it's costly to maintain and ultimately can be an inefficient way to transfer knowledge and build relationships with sales associates at scale. All of these can lead to lower sales for a brand.

Face-to-face training will always have a place within a brand’s retail training program but delivering training without a digital retail sales enablement tool is a sure way to leave sales associates under-trained and under-prepared. These platforms work as an extension of your training team, they essentially become a digitized product expert that enhances the work of your brand reps.

Here are 5 ways a retail sales enablement platform can help brands reach their utmost potential.

1 - Allow Brands to Scale Training Across a Geography

Implementing a digital retail sales enablement platform allows brands to reach those in other regions, whether that be in different cities, states or countries. Often times stores that are in smaller, harder-to-reach locations do not get the same level of training provided to them that bigger stores receive. This can inadvertently create brand detractors as sales associates become resentful that other stores receive more training than they do. 

Go Sport were able to scale their training efforts across the Middle East through the use of Myagi’s sales enablement platform which allowed its stores from Muscat to Dammam to receive training on its products. 

By training at scale through the use of a digital retail sales enablement platform brands can deliver training quicker, more accurately and in a more time and cost-efficient manner. They also let you deliver the same caliber of training and attention to all your retailers. Additionally, it gives brands a way to track their training with the click of a button.

2 - Keep Your Product Messaging Aligned

A brand that utilizes a digital retail sales enablement platform is able to deliver a consistent brand and product across all its operations, ensuring all retail sales associates are telling the same story and possitioning your product in the best way possible no matter where they are.

Over the last few years, due to Covid-19 and its after-effects, we’ve seen how quickly things can change in the retail environment. Using a retail sales enablement platform allows brands to inform their sales associates of the latest news quickly and deliver a consistent message to customers.

Outside of product training content, a sales enablement platform can also be used to inform sales associates of the latest news regarding stock availability should supply chains be expereincing any setbacks.

Doing so will ensure customers get the best service and experience possible, even when stock issues arise.

3 - Save Money While Enhancing the way you do Training

Delivering good training costs brands money: the salary of store trainers and their travel and accommodation expenses as well as various other additional costs. At times it can seem like an inefficient use of capital, especially when retail turnover is so high and store training reps are required to repeat the process again.

Using a digital retail sales enablement platform allows brands to save money and, at the same time, expand and enhance the reach of their training. By combining face-to-face training and a digital platform sales associates can experience the best of both worlds while brands ensure they deliver a multi-faceted training experience.

4 - Gamify, Measure and Improve the way Sales Associates Learn

Gamifying learning makes the experience more fun for sales associates. Additionally, gamifying the experience in conjunction with visible leaderboards brings out the naturally competitive nature of people and causes sales associates to strive to complete more content to outdo their peers.

Furthermore, a brand being able too to measure engagement and receive feedback on its product training content allows them to take steps to improve it over time. This continuous feedback loop improves the experience for sales associates and engagement levels for the brand.

5 - Build Brand Advocacy at Scale

Building brand advocacy amongst sales associates increases the chances that your brand will sell more. When sales associates are advocates of your brand they not only recommend your product more but speak about your product passionately to customers.

Customers can tell when a sales associate is knowledgeable about a subject and the more knowledgeable and confident they are in their suggestions, the more likely customers are to make a purchase.


The world is constantly changing and the world of retail is no different. Using a digital retail sales enablement platform allows brands to maximize their potential, get the most out of sales associates and ultimately provide the best customer experience.

Myagi’s sales enablement platform allows brands to scale their product training content globally; deliver a consistent message across all channels and reduce their training costs as well as giving brands the ability to measure the impact of their training content through Myagi’s real-time analytics function.

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