How Intersport Boosted In-Store Sales with a Simple Strategy

How retailer-brand collaboration drove targeted SKU sell-through

How Intersport Boosted In-Store Sales with a Simple Strategy

The Challenge of Moving Unsold Inventory

Every retailer has been there: a product just isn’t moving off the shelves. For Intersport Elverys, Ireland’s leading sports retailer with 70 stores, this situation was more than just a minor inconvenience—it was a significant challenge. They noticed a troubling trend with one of their leading global footwear brand’s SKUs. Despite being a popular brand, this particular product wasn’t selling as expected. It affected both male and female styles, which hinted at a deeper disconnect.

Traditional Solutions Weren't Cutting It

Typically, the team at Elverys would respond to such issues by distributing technical specifications and product sheets across their stores. However, Chris Rowland, a seasoned buyer at Elverys with nearly a decade of experience, knew this approach wasn’t working. These documents were not engaging enough for their millennial sales associates and lacked the accountability to see who actually engaged with the content.

A Lightbulb Moment

Chris decided it was time to try something different. Leveraging his knowledge of the Myagi platform for Retailers, he reached out to his contact at the brand with a simple request: “I noticed that we didn’t have a sell-through on your product, could you create some videos for this specific trainer?”

The response was swift. Within days, the brand produced and shared videos that detailed everything the sales staff needed to know about the product. These videos explained the benefits of the SKU and provided tips on how to confidently recommend it to customers.

The Power of Effective Training

Elverys’ strong training culture, supported by their senior staff, played a crucial role in the success of this initiative. The response from the sales team was immediate and enthusiastic. Within a few days of the videos being uploaded, hundreds of training completions were logged.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The impact was significant:

  • Sales of the target SKU increased by 40% over a six-week period.
  • During the same period, similar products from other brands saw only an 8% increase.

Chris was confident that the training videos played a crucial role in this success. This proactive approach, facilitated by the Myagi by Rallyware platform, allowed Elverys to effectively address the sell-through issue and drive retail sales enablement.

A New Era of Training

Training, once a slow and resource-intensive process, has been revolutionized with platforms like Myagi by Rallyware. This collaborative approach enabled Intersport Elverys and the brand to quickly solve a problem that traditionally took weeks to address, often resulting in weakened margins and damaged brand image.

Key Takeaways

Intersport Elverys’ experience highlights the power of innovation and collaboration in retail. When facing a sell-through issue, being proactive and leveraging the right tools can lead to impressive results. Chris Rowland’s approach showed that a little creativity and a willingness to try something new can turn a challenging situation into a success story.

By embracing a modern, collaborative training platform, Intersport Elverys not only boosted their sales but also strengthened their relationship with the brand. This story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the simplest solutions can have the most significant impact.

Next time you find yourself facing a similar challenge, remember the Elverys approach: be proactive, use the right tools, and don’t hesitate to try something new. The results might just surprise you!

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