Myagi's 2023 Year in Reivew

As we look back on 2023, collaboration was at the heart of Myagi's efforts.

Myagi's 2023 Year in Reivew

Amidst a year of dynamic shifts and uncertainty in the retail realm (including overstock and logistics issues and dwindling consumer purchasing power), putting our heads together to think of fresh and innovative solutions has never been more important. As we look back on the year, collaboration was indeed at the heart of our efforts. Here’s a snapshot of what happened in 2023. 

Looking Back - A Year of Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing 

Earlier this year Rallyware acquired Myagi, ushering in a new era of performance enablement and sales force operations. Myagi is now part of the Rallyware family of products, which includes robust and integrated solutions for learning and development, sales incentives, opportunity management, and more. 

Together, Rallyware and Myagi are not just driving brand advocacy and product knowledge; we’re propelling sales performance and customer relations to create outstanding customer experiences. 

From electronics to footwear, we are proud to empower sellers across brand categories. Our customers now include notable brands such as Canon, Pentland, Casio, On Running, Reebok and GU Energy. Several strong customer stories published this year highlighted the real-life impact of seller empowerment. 

We looked to industry leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in stores and on sales floors. Over on the Rallyware front, valuable insights were shared through knowledge-packed webinars featuring leaders from major brands and retailers such as I:SY and Wolfi’s Bike Shop. 

Some of our key takeaways? Having a thorough understanding of both your customers and products is critical, along with regular communication with suppliers to stay informed about developments in other market segments. 

Looking Ahead - A Year of Forging Connections

Exciting new solutions are on the horizon for brands and retailers, such as ‘rep connect’ and a revamp of our badging system. This overhaul will provide more flexible ways to thank and reward sales associates, while also enhancing oversight and management capabilities for admins. 

We are in the business of building strong connections between brands, retailers and sales reps, and this will continue to be our core focus throughout 2024. How do we amplify widespread product knowledge and spark engagement, encouraging associates to participate in training initiatives? 

Without giving away all of our secrets, that’s the gist of our developments. Stay tuned! 

When it comes to retail performance enablement, we are just getting started, and can’t wait to see what 2024 brings.  

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