The Top 5 Retail Sales Enablement Tools

Learn about the best sales enablement platforms for the retail sector

The Top 5 Retail Sales Enablement Tools

What are retail sales enablement tools?

A retail sales enablement tool is a system that allows brands to easily connect to all their retail sales associates and share content such as product training, news and updates. 

Doing so provides a way for brands to digitally educate sales associates on their products at scale and at a lower cost than relying solely on face-to-face training. 

Ultimately, retail sales enablement tools allow brands to share, measure and improve the way they deliver the right product knowledge to drive sales and optimize the customer experience.

Why is it important to choose the right tool?

Every brand is unique, sells different products and has different needs. Choosing the right sales enablement tool puts a brand in the best position to succeed and meet its sell-through goals.

While all retail sales enablement tools may offer similar features finding the one that meets your needs ensures that both the brand and retail sales associate have a positive and enriching experience.

How to choose the right retail sales enablement tool

There are many retail sales enablement tools available and choosing the right one can be a difficult process.

The most important thing for brands to consider is how effective your current product training systems are in delivering, driving and measuring knowledge at scale. This will help you see where and how the right tool can come in to make help you take enablement to the next level. . Once this is known, brands can begin to focus on the following: 

Ease Of Use

Sales enablement tools should be easy to use, both by the retail sales associates and by the brand. A sales enablement tool with a good user interface makes the experience pleasant and contributes to a positive user experience. 

Analytics and Data

Being able to view, track and act on data is a valuable tool for brands to have. From a retail sales enablement perspective, brands need to look for a sales enablement tool that provides a holistic overview of all the data that helps them assess how knowledgeable their retail sellers are about their products, how to quickly identify knowledge gaps, and how to measure levels of brand advocacy.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, almost everyone is attached to their phone and this includes sales associates. A sales enablement tool that is mobile-friendly enables associates to learn quickly and efficiently while on the shop floor and in a form factor they’re familiar with. 

Content Hosting and Creation

Different people have different learning styles and the greater the variety of content available on a sales enablement tool, the greater the chance that sales associates are able to learn in a way that suits them. Additionally, some brands struggle to create engaging product training content for sales associates so at sales enablement tool that can assist in the creation of product training content is a big plus.

1 Myagi

For brands looking to make the most of their training data.

Myagi is a digital retail sales enablement platform that enables brands to share, measure and drive product knowledge at scale with the aim of helping sales associates to sell better and sell more.

Best Features:

  • Provides access to real-time analytics so brands can track product training engagement and brand advocacy scores.
  • Comprehensive suite of services to assist brands in creating impactful and engaging content.
  • Global reach - available in all countries and supports multiple languages.

What people say:

“We can look at the number of hours that our training content is being watched, and the equivalent of getting someone in the store doing this at face-to-face level, it’s massive. So we can actually sit back after 6 months and say, 2200 hours of content have been watched, and the entire time they are watching that they are fully engaged, we think that’s had a really positive impact on how the watches are being sold.” - Warren Halliwell, National Brand Training Officer, Casio

2 Atobi

For brands looking to improve the employee journey.

Atobi offers a solution that allows staff to engage in training, communication, KPIs, knowledge, and compliance helping brands to lower churn and improve operational efficiency.

Best Features:

  • Functionality to allow VM (visual merchandising) to share best practices
  • Measure employees progress during onboarding
  • Company News feature - make announcements to everyone or select employees.

What people say:

“The team have become more involved in their work. Before, only the Store Manager would read the emails. But now they can log in from anywhere and find the information they need in the app.” - Sari Lipiäinen, RETAIL MANAGER

3 Endvr

For brands looking to reward employees

Endvr allows brands to reward sales associates for completing sales contests, learning missions and marketing missions with the aim of driving sell through, learning about products and promoting brands.

Best Features:

  • Reward sales associates with free product of discounted pricing for learning about your brand.
  • Choose success criteria and product purchase list
  • Real time visibility of sell through

What people say:

“I love the concept and the fact that you can see the ranking at any time. It really motivates me. I’m really happy because it makes me improve my selling skills and gives me a goal I can actually follow and as a «visual» person, the app is an absolute must.” - Sales associates, Editorial Boutique Montreal

4 Expert Voice

For brands wanting to connect with different categories of learners

Expert voice allows industry professionals, sales associates, influencers and service members to learn about the products they’re in contact with and get rewarded for doing so. After verifying your status users are able to complete lessons as well as share their experience and insights with others and the brand.

Best Features: 

  • Discounts offered to users who complete lessons
  • First-hand experience from people who use the products in real life
  • Customise your brand page with unique imagery and messaging

What people say:

"Great platform to learn about brands especially if you are in retail and help people learn about your own brand. It is a very easy to use platform with tailored access for different usage.” - Guillaume Lazure, Graphic Designer, Opus Bikes

5 Mobie Train

For brands looking for a mobile-first platform

Mobie Train is a platform that strives to help employees learn and improve their scores over time via its coaching tool. By using the digital assessment function sales associates can receive feedback on the learning material they've completed.

Best Features:

  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Gamification to increase knowledge retention
  • Create your own branded learning tracks 

What people say:

“Our motto is ‘We are not a shoe company – we are a people company’. MobieTrain supported us with our digital transformation and created a fun and engaging training experience for our people.” - Natalie Defries – Vans Retail Director EMEA


The right sales enablement tool for a brand depends on what its goals are, what product it sells, its location and who its target audience is. Once these things have been established and inefficiencies in the current training process identified brands can begin to search for a platform that will help address these.