What Brands Need To Know To Create Quality and Cost-effective Video Content

Learn what equipment and tips brands need to utilise to create quality content

What Brands Need To Know To Create Quality and Cost-effective Video Content

When brands start their journey to a digital approach to retail sales enablement they are typically trying to increase brand advocacy with sales associates through digital content and as a result, drive both the sales and customer experience. 

The main way in which brands hope to drive digital engagement with sales associates is through creating video content as this is by far the most engaging sort of content for sales associates.  However the task of creating high quality looking video content in today’s world can be more daunting than ever, brands often ask themselves what level of production quality is needed for a digital retail enablement platform and how they can keep costs down while achieving that quality.

With the increase of amateur content creators making high quality video content on social media sites such as Youtube, Tik Tok and Instagram the thought of trying to produce your own content to a similar standard can be daunting.  Brands typically pour heavily into external-facing content for consumers however, in part due to the content watched on the aforementioned social media platforms, sales associates are now expecting consumer grade content. 

This blog explores our experience in how brands can achieve the right level of production quality to suit the channel and audience targeted and also draws on our 8 years of experience in helping the biggest brands in the world solve this problem and build engaging, professional but cost effective content.

Video Recording

At the foundation of producing videos is the equipment used to record.  While there’s no doubt investing in DSLR cameras, lenses and vlogging cameras can yield great results, most of us carry around a high quality camera in our pockets everyday - the one on our mobile phone.  Even smartphones from as late as 2014 were equipped with 4K recording capabilities which is ‘overkill’ for recording high quality content as most people still only watch content up to a resolution of 1080p.

In addition to using a smartphone to record the use of tripods can greatly increase the quality of video content.  Stable footage shot using a tripod as opposed to shaky, hand-held footage makes it easier for people to pay attention to the video.  Investing in a tripod such as this one, whether mini or large, standard or flexible is a great way to ensure video quality is of a good standard.

Finally, for the best visual results, videos should be recorded in a well lit environment with as much light, preferably natural, shining onto the subject.

Producing video content that’s stable, high resolution and in a well lit environment can instantly increase the overall quality of your video.


Secondly, but just as importantly, is the quality and level of audio on a video.  Brands may opt to use background music in their videos but it's important to manage the volume level; too loud and it will drown out the voice of the presenter or, if the video has no presenter, become a distraction.

While some brands may opt to use the built in microphone that comes in a smartphone or camera for increased audio quality, particularly if using a smartphone, a separate microphone can help provide a better listening experience.  One of the biggest areas of negative feedback brands get from sales associates on Myagi is poor audio and this can be easily solved with the right equipment such as a shotgun mic, lapel mic or directional mic

It only takes a few seconds for someone to tune out of something with poor audio.   Having good, clear, quality audio is key to creating content that your frontline sales associates will enjoy consuming.  Audio that is of a high quality makes it easier for sales staff to listen to what’s being said and remember key information.  

While high quality audio is important it's also important to remember that  not all sales associates may be able to watch video content with volume playing while on the shop floor, including subtitles on a video not only caters to those with hearing impairments but means information can be learned in all environments.

Editing Software

Even if your video is short and you’re able to shoot it in one take chances are you’ll need some editing software to overlay images, logos or text on your video and for that you’ll need editing software.

Both Windows and Mac have free software available; Video Editor or Clip Champ on Windows or iMovie on Mac.  Alternatively, you may opt for other free software options such as DaVinci Resolve.

Being able to edit video and add text can help make the finished video more refined and attention grabbing.  Editing can be time-consuming though and if it's not your skill set consider using an editing service to give your videos a more professional feel. It's not as expensive as you think and can often save you a heap of time

Furthermore, sales associates are likely to remember more information if, in addition to video and audio, key pieces of information are displayed on screen in text format.


Finally, proper framing of a subject can transform the look of a video.  Using the rule of thirds is an easy way to bring your subject to life in a way that increases a viewer’s engagement.   

Additionally, having a confident presenter who can help deliver the message of the video clearly and in a suitable tone will help convey key points across to sales associates better.  

The clearer the presenter is, whether that’s a sales rep or product manager, with their message the more likely it is for sales associates to engage with the video.  This, combined with a subject that is positioned well in the frame, can increase the quality of your video.


In conclusion, while creating video content for your digital retail sales enablement platform can seem like a daunting task, it need not be an expensive or overly complicated one.

Making low cost financial investments in equipment such as tripods and microphones can instantly improve the quality of your videos.  This, coupled with the right presentation technique and editing software can help produce a high quality video.

Myagi provides an onboarding gift of equipment that it recommends brands use to get started on their journey of creating video content.  If you would like to find out more about how Myagi can help, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can click on the green circle on the right to chat with us anytime.