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Manage, Share and Measure Brand Training at Scale.

Access and grow a network of retail partners, effortlessly share product knowledge, and influence your sell-through, even when it's out of your hands.

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The Myagi difference

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For Brands

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For Retailers

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For Sales Associates

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Platform Features

Transform your ability to educate, empower, and influence retail sales associates at scale.

Brands lack a direct connection to the retail sales associates that sell their products.

Without this connection, brands are unable to transfer the knowledge sales associates need to confidently sell their products.

Brands on Myagi connect directly with their retail sales associates in a scalable, measurable and engaging way, helping them  drive product sales and ensure their brand is represented to consumers in the best possible way.

Unlock insights that will grow your business

Through our sales enablement platform, brands access  data that tracks how their product knowledge is being consumed, how retail sellers are improving their knowledge and how their brand is being perceived.

Retail sales associates can provide feedback directly to the brands they sell, helping them deliver the right knowledge to the right teams.

Myagi Data helps everyone sell better together.

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Don’t take our word for it See what our clients say

Gerard O’Mahony

Pedigree Wholesale

“With increasing demands and changing ways of working, getting the right information to the shopper is becoming increasingly more challenging. At Pedigree we want to support our customers in every way, this includes making sure they have access to the information they need when they need it. Partnering with Myagi allows us to get the right content, to the right people at the right time.

Gemma Dyer

Equip Uk

“Myagi allows us to deliver the right product knowledge to all our sales associates. Knowledge breeds confidence, and confidence breeds sales”

Warren Halliwell


“We can look at the number of hours that our training content is being watched, and the equivalent of getting someone in the store doing this at face-to-face level, it’s massive. So we can actually sit back after 6 months and say, 2200 hours of content have been watched, and the entire time they are watching that they are fully engaged, we think that’s had a really positive impact on how the watches are being sold.”

Daniel Cooper


’Myagi really came along and offered us exactly what we needed. Something that was not just about educating our staff but educating our customers in a really clear and easy way...It was already being used by one of our biggest customers and it has really become the foundation for our training materials and as a way of reinforcing training online’’


Save money, boost sales and strengthen retail relationships.

Myagi empowers you to develop strong and collaborative relationships with your retail partners. Our retail engagement platform educates and intrinsically motivates sales associates to drive customer preference for your brand, whilst providing you with data-driven visibility of all engagement, at store, regional and global levels. Enabling you to influence the conversation, to deliver exceptional customer experience and drive sales.

Actionable data

Without a meaningful way to connect with retail sales associates on the shop floor, brands have no way to effectively collect feedback and insights on how these products are being positioned or promoted. Myagi offers powerful analytics that help brands provide the right sales enablement resources that help build stronger advocates.

Knowledge transfer

Brands that rely on indirect channels to sell products suffer from "knowledge gaps" - information that gets diluted, arrives too late, doesn't arrive at all, or is forgotten too quickly. These knowledge gaps negatively impact customer experience, corrode loyalty, and destroy sales. With Myagi brands can keep everyone in their retail network up to speed and customer ready at all times.

Sell-through control

Traditionally, once brands' products are in the hands of their retail partners, there is little they can do to influence sell-through when and where it is needed the most. Myagi changes this by helping brands share the right product and brand knowledge with the right sales associates so they can confidently sell, giving brands the ability to enable their retail partners, and react quickly when sales issues arise.

Customer Experience

Most wholesale brands are disconnected from their retail partner's sales floor and have little control over how their brand is represented by their retailer's sales associates. Myagi allows brands to regain control, influence, and optimize how their potential customers experience the sale.

Brand advocacy

It's hard for brands to create a meaningful and engaging connection with all their retail partner's sales associates. Without this connection, there is no way for brands to ensure that sales associates understand their brand story or the USP's of their products. Myagi helps brands build this connection at scale, helping them to empower retail sales associates to articulate the right brand story to the ideal customer with passion and confidence.

Retail motivation

Myagi offers retailers an easy-to-use mobile app with features that help brands drive engagement with their content over their network. Examples of this include gamification through points and leaderboards to further motivate staff to regularly interact with content.


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