Aggregate and manage all your supplier training content on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Take complete ownership of your brand product content and control which training your sales associates can access. Track, measure, and improve your team's product knowledge at scale.


Manage and track relevant brand content

The traditional way of organizing, managing and sharing multi-format brand training content can be an inefficient and time draining process.With Myagi you gain one platform that seamlessly connects to a network of global brands and hosts all their training content, allowing you to easily manage and share this with all your sales associates.

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Optimize CX

Customers are expecting more from their in-store interactions. Building a Customer Centric retail business is more important than ever and rests on the ability of the frontline salespeople to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Myagi helps you optimize your customer experience by expanding your SA's capacity to provide the right product guidance to all your customers.

Maximize time to value

Delays and inefficiencies in getting new sales associates up to speed on the brands they sell can drain your time, resources, and hurt sales along the way.

Myagi helps you enable and empower your new sales associates with the right product knowledge, giving them the confidence they need to be customer ready in no time at all.

Gain sell-through control

With retailers receiving less and less in-store footfall, empowering your sales associates to effectively convert traffic into buyers has become a key priority across the industry.

Myagi helps retailers engage, enable and empower their sales associates to deliver the right trusted guidance at the point of sales so they can increase basket price and convert more customers.


Actionable insights

Most retailers have little to no visibility over their Sales Associates' product knowledge and confidence in selling certain brands. This limits their ability to uncover hidden issues behind poor sell through or low footfall conversion.With Myagi you can control, measure and track your seller's confidence and product knowledge, giving you the ability to diagnose and influence sell through issues before they happen.

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A robust set of features

Myagi has features to ensure your rapid and ongoing sales enablement success

Commercial Network

Grow and engage with your suppliers and build new commercial connections.

Gamified Environment

Drive sales associate engagement through team leaderboards, and regular brand-led competitions.

One Platform

Host, manage and share all your brand's content in one platform, accessible at all times.

Team Enablement

Deliver short, engaging and detailed brand content to upskill staff.

24/5 Support

World-class chat support is available to you and your retail partners 24/5.

Brand Advocacy

Connect your sales associates directly to the brands they sell and turn them into knowledgeable brand and product experts.

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Native integrations with all your favorite tools

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Data enrichment
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